Small Home Building Components - The EnviroBuild Way!

Four Season All Weather Build

Climate control is built into the Enviro Build dual panel, horizontally stacked double insulated system. Exterior panels are sealed and finished front, back, top, bottom and sides to block out moisture and potential mold. Interior panels are factory finished with drywall that is taped, skimmed, textured and painted. The interior panels lock in place after the roof, windows and doors are in place and rough electric and plumbing are finished.

The panel home building system needs to be or have:

  • Open panel construction, open on inside for easy electrical instillation and inspection and structural inspection.
  • 2x4 framing instead of 2x6 - to save 33 % material.
  • Wood construction rather than steel because of lesser ecological footprint and economics.
  • Thermodynamically designed to work with nature and the elements.
  • Incorporate passive techniques to minimize thermal transfer.
  • Use a 3 layer insulation concept a. outside/weather panel - repel b. wall cavity - balance c. inside panel - thermal break.
  • Design insulation resistive values at least 10% above required.
  • Maintain "standard construction" designation - post and beam, post frame, braced frame, curtain wall, post panel.
  • Use rainscreen /air gap method and material to provide fast run off and vapor evaporation.
  • Use semi rigid sheathing for permanent air infiltration barrier.
  • Use exterior cladding materials rated as non ignitable for fire safety.

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We've taken care of the details, you just need to enjoy them.

Small home building components by EnviroBuild