Here are what some homeowners ask:

I have looked at little houses on wheels, trailers, manufactured factory built homes and conventional frame built homes. What makes Enviro Build's panel home kits unique or special?
EnviroBuild Homes have a unique and patented stacked panel system that is light and easy to assemble. The panels are shop finished thus eliminating many of the trades on site. EnviroBuild is not restricted by what can be hauled down the highway or what can fit under an overpass or what can be built on the assembly line. Nor is it limited to what can be delivered to a tight or sloping site. EnviroBuild designs are special because they will be specifically designed and crafted for your site and needs without compromise.

My parents are getting up in age and I am concerned about their care. I would NOT like to have them in an assisted living or rest home facility. I believe in the old fashioned way, where family takes care of family with love and dignity. It will be really nice to have them close by. Do you have a comfortable cottage that will fit in my backyard or append to my home as a room addition?
EnviroBuild's specialty is small second homes and cottages. These panel home kits are designed to stand alone and can be appended by a breezeway or attached to your home. The series is respectfully called the Silver Fox. The top of the line is a cozy cottage for two called "the Turtle Dove." There are smaller cottages for singles; for Mom "the Den of the Silver Fox," for Pop "the Lair of the Golden Bear." These modern homes feature fully functioning open floor plans with country kitchen, and laundry facilities. Each has an optional custom designed outdoor living area suited for privacy, relaxation, vegetable and flower gardening.

I need a cottage or little home that can be expanded as my needs change. Do you have a basic simple room that can be added to?
EnviroBuild has an ever expanding portfolio of design possibilities. The most basic concept is inspired by the "Model T" Ford and the early Volkswagen Bug (Beetle) and Bus. It is simple to use, easy to fix and Iconic. Our sleek series of designs is aptly named Volkshaus (peoples house). The starter structure is 10' x 12' which can be used as a quiet retreat in your backyard, or on a beach, your ranch, or mountain resort. The add-ons are: 1. a 10' x 12' covered deck; 2. a glassed in 10x12' sitting room; 3. a bathroom with shower. Off the grid energy and green eco-friendly options are available. The styles that have been produced are Western, South Seas Tea House, Contemporary, and Traditional.

I need a two bedroom cottage for an income rental and it must be 840 sq.ft. or less to meet the County Building Code. Do you have a little home plan that is compact with no wasted space and an open comfortable design?
EnviroBuild has an 840 sq.ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom plan that was specifically designed for this purpose. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the sitting area, kitchen/dining module for maximum privacy. Baths are en suite which effectively gives you two Master bedroom suites.

Our children return home for extended visits as their economic and personal lives ebb and flow. Do you have panel home kit something like a bachelor or bachelorette pad that would keep them comfortable but out of the main house?
EnviroBuild has basic, habitable little homes & cottages starting at 240 sq.ft. that are compact and comfortable. The Gazelle at 360 sq.ft. has room for a bed with a combined sitting area for guest or sleepovers. The Badger at 560 sq.ft. has a separate bedroom and sitting room.

My dream is to have a small apartment type space with an office close by. Do you have something like that which will fit in a backyard?
Enviro Build has several interchangeable modules suitable for the live/work concept. The basic is a 12'x20' bedroom with a bath combined with 12'x20' office. The intermediate adds a 12'x20' sitting area with a kitchenette. The ultimate has a 16'x22' sitting area with a country kitchen and eating area.

I need a space that is for storage of semi-precious possessions in a vermin free, dust resistant, lockable, easy to get to, and attractive enclosure. It must be permanent and not look like a shed or cargo container.
EnviroBuild Space Structures has just the ticket starting at 8'x10' and expandable to any size needed. The walls, floors, and roof panels are double sealed inside and out, insulated and with optional drywall panels on the inside. The space can be mechanically ventilated for climate and humidity control. EnviroBuild Space Structures is so much more convenient and ultimately less expensive than remote storage lockers or facilities.

Panel home kits by EnviroBuild.

EnviroBuild has an ever-expanding portfolio of design possibilities for our panel home kits. Create your modern little home with the EnviroBuild team!

EnviroBuild's modern home designs are special because they will be specifically designed and crafted for your site and needs without compromise.

Panel home kits by EnviroBuild