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Our Policy

Environment, Ecology, Sustainable, Responsible, Comfortable, Affordable; these are just words representing goals. Realization requires implementation and serious, thoughtful action based on knowledge, experience, and research beyond theory with real structures on the ground.

Our tag line "Affordable Cottages to Castles" declares our action to fulfill the need for small, environmentally cognizant, dwellings. Comfort, dignity, and privacy are achieved with the proper use of nature's own contributions of light, air, and space in our sustainable homes. A home environment's impact on health, safety, comfort, and mood positively shapes the complete living experience All of these attributes can be found in EnviroBuild's eco-friendly homes; from our efficiency, optimum comfort Cottages, our Castle-like opulent luxury suites and all of our dwelling designs in between.

We know that the whole living environment is what is important. No one element is greater than another. A philosopy we embrace and instill in all aspects of our eco-friendly, sustainable homes. Function, need, inside space, outside environment, ecology, affordability, building methods, materials, natural light, the vistas, and the sun/wind orientation are all equally important to us. Most important of all; when everything is done right our cottages become castles.

Meet Our Team

Kenneth Gooch, Architect AIA, Builder

Kenneth Orion Gooch with dual licenses as Architect and General Contractor has designed and/or overseen the building of thousands of homes. Over the years of his productive career he has been developing and improving the concept of the efficiently crafted home, regarding space layout and method of construction.

Research and development for the EnviroBuild panel has focused on sustainability as it relates to the built environment. The basic tenet of sustainability is to use only that which is needed. This applies directly to space which then equates to materials and energy. From this principle comes the need for the efficient home and the EnviroBuild panel.

"The market and the industry has gone full circle from my first commission for five hundred 800 to 1000 sq ft efficiently built homes in 1959 to the present need for the same, only this time done better."

Jason Gooch

Jason Orion Gooch is the co-founder of EnviroBuild. As Ken's son, Jason grew up learning about every aspect of home construction and design, first around the dinner table, and then at the building site.

After successfully running his own home remodel and restoration business, he joined forces with Ken to create a new building method using the EnviroBuild panel. Jason is CEO and field tactician supporting and interacting with EnviroBuild's clients.


Read what this satisfied customer has to say:

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the wonderful experience we had working with you on our home expansion project. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your team. Please convey our sincere gratitude to Jason and Alfredo, in particular. We are thoroughly enjoying our new "space" and relishing the rich compliments we receive from our guests. Thanks and best regards."
~R.I. (Fremont, CA)

From Builder/Architect Magazine:

"This group of optimistic, dream home makers provides services in both the custom and production home arena. Showered with kudos and noted for their community interest, Orion Homes strides forward, consistently turning out homes to meet their self-imposed high standards, far surpassing the industry norm. A true tour de force."
~Builder/Architect Magazine

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