Advantages of DIY Homes by EnviroBuild

Easy To Maneuver And Install

This system is light years ahead of a pre-cut or kit package. Most kit homes consist of a pile of wood and a basic plan which is usually difficult to understand. The Enviro Build Panels are complete and ready for easy assembly.

Easy To Maneuver Into Tight Building Sites

The panels can be carried in with as little as 4 to 5 feet of clearance - no cranes, lifts or wheels. Unlike mobile manufacture buildings the design creativity is not limited by highway load width hauling standards. The height of walls of the ceiling pitch do not need to be compromised for clearance to go under an overpass.

Easy On The Environment

Enviro Build Panels are structurally and Ecologically engineered using responsible methods and types of materials. Low VOC paint and adhesives are used. The panels are double insulated to a high R value. There is no waste to be hauled to the land fill or recyclers.

Small Footprint because the structure is optimally sized for efficiency; sitting lightly on the land, consuming just enough energy to condition the living space. These small footprint homes require less wood, metal, concrete, roofing, gypsum and other building materials.

Economically Viable

Most small structures will be auxiliary buildings pertinent to an existing home. There is no lot cost, the utilities are existing, and the small home compliments the present landscaping. The easy assembly allows labor costs to be dramatically reduced.

Architecturally Exciting

The Enviro Build panels allow for easy modification: adding to and Linking together for unlimited design possibilities and uses; Uses such as- one or two bedroom guest or in-law or returning family cottage, office, hobby shop, exercise room, dance or music studio, art studio, retreat/sanctuary, pool house, garden house, bunk house, play house- with Sizes starting at 80 square feet.

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Putting your home back in your hands

DIY homes by EnviroBuild