Tiny Houses by EnviroBuild

The EnviroBuild panel is the basic building block for our system. It provides unlimited creative possibilities. It is also the means by which the result of affordability and ecology work together to provide a better living environment along with meeting sustainable ecological goals. The main criteria for sustainability is to use only what is needed - waste nothing - hence small totally useable green floor plans with optimum designed space. And, that is the reason we are proud to be a small home builder in Sonoma County.

" The EnviroBuild panel is part of our well thought out and vetted building system. "

Research and development started many years ago by our parent company Orion Homes Inc. Prototype models were built and lived in. Improvements were made. Peer groups were consulted. There was input from structural engineers, building department officials and inspectors, our clients and interested possibly future clients. And, we have our own requirements from experience and intuitively knowing what is needed. Listed below is the criteria derived from the several hundred thousand dollars and decades of R&D it took to produce this most astoundingly efficient and yet simple panel.

Learn more about our Panelized Homes and system criteria.


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